Alonso Reyes

Considering engagement?

You have found the one, maybe it all started with uncertainty, maybe you had it clear since the very first sight. What is true is that you want to tide the knot.
Ok, let’s start checking the options.

During our whole life, we have seen in movies or social networks, how people are popping the question. You might have an idea about what do you want to do but still do not have all details covered. Well, today is a good day to review them.

What is the best day to propose?

The answer to this question is similar to the one you get when asking: “Which one is the best wine?” It all depends on every one of us. In this case, the best day could be the one you first met, your first kiss or, your first date.

It is common to choose Valentine’s day but, there are some people that don’t want to share the feeling with thousand more. You can choose also the Christmas season and take advantage of a great lighted and cheerful background or it can be done also during your beach holidays in the summertime in Puerto Vallarta.
In fact, there are tons of possibilities. The main idea is to feel comfortable and confident with yourself. You might feel nervous being among other people or probably you want to feel that big round of applause when she or he accepts.

Where is the best place to ask your partner to marry?

Once again, you have to keep in mind if is there a special place for both of you or, if you want to create a special ambiance in order to impress.
It is no doubt that you will find that perfect spot and, in your mind, it looks amazing. Well, I recommend you keep in mind the following concepts.

How will I get my partner in the correct position?

Remember that nerves can trick you when you are already there, so it is important to visit the site in question to check where and when you are going to make your move.
The best idea is to get assistance from your best friends. This is kind of an assault tactic. You need somebody to cover your back in case something does not go as planned.

At what time should I ask and how do I get the ring?

If you are planning to do this in a restaurant, you will have plenty of options to present the precious stone.
If on the other hand, you want to do it in a private romantic place, this will require more planning time.
Whatever the case, do not forget to include a wedding proposal photographer. This is a very special moment and it has to be part of the wedding photo package. You can use your friends to record this moment of course, but remember that there are feelings involved and, if you want excellent shoots and illumination, it is much better to have around somebody with a cold head.

It can also be done somewhere outdoors. If that’s the case, you can request a drone wedding proposal photography. Make sure you have a really good conversation with your photographer because it has to be discreet enough to cover all the angles and not spoil the surprise.

Do not hesitate to consult your wedding photographer about places and ideas to develop the whole project. We have experience and knowledge of those matters.

I got the “Yes”. Now what?

Finally! All tension released, big laughs, amazing hug, and kiss. What’s next?
Now is the time for all your friends to show up and participate in your great joy. The gathering can begin and, of course, in a near future, you will enjoy having an engagement party photography album!

This has to be planned in advance in order to have a smooth transition from the magical place to the party place. It is also a piece of good advice to have a plan “B” just in case. It can start to rain or, for some reason you can not access your original destination, so, as I said, just in case.

What about a photoshoot?

It is also an excellent idea to have a photoshoot for the bride to be. It can be done the very next day of the party and now, she can show the world her new status. Of course it can be a series of formal pictures and others with friends.
The main purpose is to have enough material to start the construction of your whole wedding photoshoot. Believe me, after some years, those stories are such great memories.

That was the first step on a magical road.

From now on, you both are going to start thinking about a lot of little things to reach the big day. The process is going to be similar to the steps that we saw. Ok, ok, with a lot more things to consider but essentially the same sequence.
If you ever decide to have your engagement photography album or, you are thinking to get married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, do not hesitate to contact me. We can talk about capturing for you, those magical and unrepeatable moments.