Alonso Reyes

Drone video and photography

It is incredible how technology has evolved during the last few years. Drone use started around the 1800s. The civilian use commenced in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. Authorities allowed drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to fly in civilian airspace for search & rescue and disaster relief operations.

From then to date, we all have great options to use a drone as a magnificent tool in aerial photography.

What can I get with a drone shooting?

When I bought my very first drone, it blew my mind! Since I was little, I have almost always wanted to fly like a bird. I imagine that’s a common desire between kids. Flying my drone is the most alike sensation to my dream. Simply amazing!

After those first days, I started to polish my shooting and post-production techniques. I love what I can get with my drone. I have very professional equipment at the present day and hundred (maybe thousands) of flying hours.

Thanks to this passion, I can guarantee you will have an astonishing party or wedding video.
The shots that I can achieve range from the traditional sweep from afar, to views with angles impossible to attain with a traditional camera.
In fact, I am very proud to say that in 2021, one of my photos reached 40 million views and counting!

I have also done drone portrait photography with excellent results.

Your convention or event can benefit from drone videos.

We are already used to living in a dynamic environment, and everything that takes a long time to develop may make us despair. Your convention is not the exception; all participants are expecting some excitement. As incredible as this may seem, a drone video gives everyone the chance to wave, jump, scream or do some stunts in front of the camera.

You can have a few “serious” minutes of video and a few more “relaxed” minutes. I can also take some still images from the video that you can use on your own.

Due to the fact drone flying can be spontaneous or very well planned, it is necessary to have a solid idea of what you are expecting out of that shooting.
We can do something casual yet professional or a very complex production within your event.

Your brand can benefit as well.

As part of my development in this area, I started 10+ years ago with a digital marketing agency. We can do for you a whole advertising campaign in which we can include a drone-type commercial.
There are several uses to this kind of technology, and in my agency, we know how to handle it for your ROI increment.

A commercial shooting requires a full planned strategy. We need to have a few business meetings oriented to clarify your goals and, after everything is clear, we will get to work!

Not sure if you want a drone video or presentation?

Do not worry! Let me know what do you have in mind, and we can find the alternative that fits your idea like a glove.

I and my team are devoted to delivering to every one of our clients, a high-quality, breathtaking, and professional piece of art.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than glad to chat and provide more information.