Alonso Reyes

Outdoor portrait photography.

If you like and appreciate beautiful things, you must have professional photography of yourself or your family. Yes, I know you have that great selfie taken with your cellphone during the last holidays, among all others with the same format. Ok, that is not what I am talking about.

Why is it worth having a professional do my portfolio?

Let’s start with the obvious. You will not show yourself with your extended arm in all shots. Besides that, the background will be considered into a magnificent composition, supporting the whole image.
Lighting will be an extremely important factor for the beauty of this piece of art where the star is yourself.

In general, when you use a professional photographer service, you are embarking on a magical journey that lasts the entire session. And everything turns around you!
It can be something so significant that it leaves a mark on your life.

The importance of scouting.

When you are visiting a tourist place, like Puerto Vallarta, the most common thing is to have photographs of the traditional places. Nothing wrong with that. Also, selfies in those places are wonderful!

Whenever you are craving real artistic photos or drone video, then location becomes crucial. In my experience, a place that could be “normal” for most people, represents a wonderful frame for a close-up photo, or with the appropriate lighting, an astonishing background for a bachelorette or wedding photo.

It can be surprising the outcome of a shooting session on a regular street in Puerto Vallarta.

The importance of right lighting.

As a photographer, I have to be alert to whatever the universe is sending us during the whole session. Sometimes, the greatest picture was the result of a sudden change in light temperature, or perhaps, a wind stroke that provides the correct shadow to enhance your silhouette.

Depending on the location and time of the day, I can use direct sunlight, artificial light or, reflected light. There are several options to get the right combination.
A romantic wedding session is not the same as a session with a vigorous athlete.

The importance of professional equipment.

Almost every one of us carries an excellent photography tool, our cell phones. There are two major aspects that make professional cameras the proper tool.
1. Exact control of depth of field, and
2. Accurate control of speed.

Depth of field is the distance between the closest and farthest objects in a photo that appears acceptably sharp. Have you noticed that your cell phone captures neat backgrounds? They come programmed with an “infinite” depth of field.
Well, with a professional camera you can decide what do you want to keep blurry. In this way, the viewer can focus on the main objective because you have used the background to in-frame it.

Speed in photography translates to the amount of light that is going to hit the sensor. Probably sometimes, you have had a struggle with some pictures in which you have a strong light in the background. Your subject does not receive enough lighting and shows dark. If you ask the cell phone to concentrate on your main subject, the background loses all details.

It may seem like a no big deal: there are only a couple of things. Believe me, the combination of these only two “things” is endless. That’s why you can find great photographs of marvelous starry skies or imposing pictures of famous people.

Now is time for your best decision.

When I am committed to your portrait session, my mission is to exalt all my senses to bring out the best picture. We will talk before to start to get a strong idea of what are you looking for.

I will use my knowledge of Puerto Vallarta’s best locations to achieve your goal and, combined with my passion for technology, I will deliver an excellent piece of art.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than glad to chat and provide more information.