Alonso Reyes

Pre-wedding photoshoot

It is possible that it’s been a few months since you have decided to take the big step. Or maybe not. Anyway the great moment is here and, you are quite anxious.
I am sure that when you popped up the question, you contacted a wedding photographer to obtain your engagement photoshoot. Did you?
Well, let’s assume we have that part covered already.

How do I plan my pre wedding photoshoot?

Here is when you can see the advantage of an engagement photoshoot. It helps to reduce stress because you can use the same professional photographer that you hired back-then.
If you are not to be at the same location when you proposed, do not worry! Everything in life has a solution!
Let’s put ourselves in your destination place, right where the event is going to happen.

It is very important to talk with your photographer about all the possibilities that can be chosen. For example let’s imagine you decide to have your wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Here you have the option of having your session either in the jungle, on the beach, in an exotic area or somewhere in the beautiful streets of the town.

First step.

Before contacting a professional photographer in Puerto Vallarta, it is a good idea to talk with your partner and agree on the general idea of what you both want to show in your pre-wedding photoshoot album.

Keep in mind that you are going to need some apparel or accessories to accomplish this endeavor. That is why it is important to be as much clear as you can.
Once you have decided the mood you are putting in your album, let’s advance another step.

Who is going to be in your photoshoot?

You have a clear idea of what do you want and, more or less what are you going to need. Who is going to be there? Just you and your partner? Your bridesmaid or groomsmen? Your best friends?

Check out with those that you choose, to see if they can be with you at Puerto Vallarta (or whatever your destination is) at least three days before your event.
Share with them your idea to see if they are willing to participate.
In addition, you can take the opportunity to start planning a bachelorette or bachelor party.

Contact your adventure elopement photographer.

Now you can talk with the pro. I can recommend now to plan this session within two or three days before your wedding. Why is that? Because depending on your idea, it can be that something do not match as we are thinking. This is not usual but is much better to have some space than being in a rush.

Start by explaining your concept and checking if it is possible to get something like it around the area. Probably you will have to purchase some kind of articles proper of the region to provide strength to your idea.

Do not forget to expose your ideas and how many people are going to be participating. This will give your wedding photographer a wide panorama to build a pre wedding photoshoot package that cover all of your necessities.

What do you do at a pre wedding shoot?

Well, it might sound goofy but the best thing you can do is to enjoy the moment and have fun with your partner. Of course, some photos are going to be romantic and serious and others can be outdoor portraits. You just have to concentrate in your partner eyes, or skin, or aura and this is going to give you both a great inner light that people is going to notice when they admire your photoshoot album.

Your professional wedding photographer is going to address you some instruction about angles or body positions but the main idea is to capture a natural situation, not one where the pose is obvious.

Some of the best shoots happen when you are having a good time or, going from one location to another and the photographer just catch the right light or angle.
The use of a Drone is another great possibility on this days. You can ask for a whole video or just a few shoots. This is also important to have in mind in advance because, if you want something special, the photographer needs time to develop a pre-production sequence that sometimes, it involves more professionals.

Now you are ready to have fun!

Once you have all settle down with your photographer, is time for you both to concentrate on the other details of your great day.
Now you know that one of the main pieces is on place and you will have nothing to worry about.

Do not forget that, if you are planning to get married in Puerto Vallarta, I can assist you with everything related with your photoshoot. Just contact me and we can talk to offer you the best and more professional solutions.